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Kindergarten Kids Having Fun Learning

Reedy Creek Child Care
& Early Learning Kindergarten

Free Gold Coast Kindergarten in 2024 - enrol today at Reedy Creek Kindergarten. & Early Learning Centre

Preparing your Kindergarten Kids in 2024

Our Kindergarten Kids Are Big School Prepared, Bright Futures Ahead!

We know that a quality kindergarten program offers lifelong benefits. Kindergarten participation encourages a love of learning and leads to positive long-term outcomes for children. 


Research has shown that early childhood education plays a crucial role in shaping a child's development and preparing them for future success.


Families will benefit from free kindy regardless of whether they attend our sessional kindergarten or kindergarten in long day care.


Free kindy is for the 15 hour a week kindergarten program (600 hours a year) delivered by our qualified early childhood teacher.

Free kindy from 2024 will remove cost as a barrier to participation and improve educational outcomes for children. 

Kindergarten Preschool Education At Reedy Creek Child Care & Early Learning Centre
Free Kindergarten & Preschool Reedy Creek Child Care & ELC

Learning In A Fun Environment

Reedy Creek Free Qld Kindergarten Approved Program

2024 Free Kindergarten 

Preparing Your Child For Big School Reedy Creek Child Care & ELC

Creating focus on Big School

The pre-primary Kindergarten environment at Reedy Creek Child Care & ELC centre, fosters children's love of learning and encourages independence by providing an environment of activities and materials which children use at their own pace.


Empowering our kindergarten kids today for tomorrow's triumphs! Our Kindergarten graduates will be "Big School Ready" with bright futures ahead, and Full of Fun!


Our program builds self-confidence, inner discipline, a sense of self-worth, and instills positive social behavior. This approach forms the basis for lifelong learning."


We embrace each child's unique potential, we empower our Kindergarten students to achieve academic excellence and become an engaged, confident, and compassionate citizen of the world.

Invest in your child's future and create a fun love of learning

and watch them grow!

Reedy Creek Child Care & ELC Kindergarten Program

Easy Online Enrolment

Discover a nurturing environment where your child's growth and development are our top priorities.

Don't wait! Secure your child's spot at Reedy Creek Childcare & Early Learning Centre and give them the foundation they need for a bright and promising future. Contact us now to enrol.


Benefits Of Quality Reedy Creek Montessori Child Care & ELC?

Enrolling your child in our early learning childcare centre can offer numerous benefits for both you and your child:

  1. Socialisation: Our Childcare provides opportunities for children to interact with peers, fostering social skills and emotional development from an early age.

  2. Structured Learning: Our quality childcare programmed themes offer structured activities and educational opportunities tailored to your child's developmental stage, preparing them for academic success.

  3. Professional Supervision: Our trained childcare educators ensure your child's safety and well-being, allowing you to pursue work or other commitments with peace of mind.

  4. Routine and Stability: Our Montessori Childcare centre follow daily routines, providing consistency and stability for children, which is beneficial for their overall development.

  5. Early Education: Our facilities incorporate early education curricula, stimulating cognitive development and preparing children for kindergarten and beyond.

  6. Parental Support: Our Reedy Creek Child Care & Early Learning Centre offer high quality care and fun filled education for children whilst parents and care givers work and study.


Ultimately, our Reedy Creek Centre provide a supportive environment where your child can learn, grow, and thrive, while also offering you the flexibility and support you need as a parent or caregiver.

Our Clients

Why parents

and children love Reedy Creek Childcare & Early Learning Centre

Excellent Centre

Excellent centre! My daughter’s home away from home... the educators and the owner herself Mary Ann, are so easy to deal with, treats us like family... they look after my child they way I want her looked after... highly recommended! 

Reedy Creek Kindergarten Centre

Jemaimah Nimes

Contact anchor
  • We also hold a Gold Coast Child Care vacancy place for twins or triplets in reserve at Reedy Creek.
  • We are ideally located between Reedy Creek & Robina Town Centre and 400 metres to the M1 Motor Way.
  • infants 6 weeks to15 month enrolment available in our 9 Robert St Mudgeeraba Centre.
  • Parents relocating 2 vacancies now available.​​

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