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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Job Keeper ended today... are you starting to think about finding work and finding child care?

Why not take advantage of the time now to look at our local service?

We at Montessori Gold Coast take pride in supporting both our parents and our children. As parents ourselves we know that we need to work to give our children opportunities we want them to take advantage of. You can be confident when you leave your child that they will be cared for and engaged in an education program that builds the academic foundations for their ongoing learning journey.

The cost of child care doesnt have to be a burden - we offer care starting at only $100 a day before subsidies. We can show you how subsidies make your out of pocket expenses managable and show you other options for support when you are looking for work or returning to study.

We have been taking care of Gold Coast families since 2006 - as the owner I am part of the teaching team too. Your child benefits from our experience in providing the very best in care and education.

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Sound boxes help develop the child's auditory sense

Visit us at Mudgeeraba Montessori Child Care - Gold Coast or Reedy Creek Child Care

Your children will get exceptional care, education and service. 55302899

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