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Reedy Creek Child Care provides great value

At Reedy Creek child care & early learning we provide a comprehensive approach to early learning, fostering environmental awareness through activities like sandpits, water play, and veggie gardens. Regardless of weather, our facilities offer covered spaces for open-ended exploration. Your children will have access to an array of activities that give them every opportunity to build skills and understanding - from life skills to academic foundations

Our chef prepares healthy, seasonal meals that cater to diverse dietary needs, ensuring every child feels included. With morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea provided daily, parents can trust their children are well-nourished.

Furthermore, our program goes beyond academics, offering activities like yoga, soccer, and tennis, as well as various enriching experiences throughout the year. All of this is included in our subsidized fees, providing excellent value for families.

Complete a contact form today - we will call you to discuss your options. Sign up for Mummy & me sessions too!

Reedy Creek Child care & Early Learning Centre
Reedy Creek Child care & Early Learning Centre



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