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Reedy Creek Child Care Gold Coast

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

There is so much more to a child’s classroom than meets the eye.  When Dr Montessori took a saw to her furniture to cut it down to child size she wasn’t just looking to create a new industry (although she did) she was watching to see whether the children would benefit it some way.  The benefits were so tremendous that today we have forgotten about just how important it is.

When children sit at tables on chairs designed for taller people their feet dangling and swinging in the air their ability to calm and settle their body diminishes.  A small child who is still working to control their body and their reactions is helped immensely by being able to settle their feet firmly on the floor under them.  This helps them reduce the desire to squirm and increases their ability to focus on their chosen task.

By providing chairs, tables, couches, shelves even a water trough at a height that is child friendly Montessori created an environment that fostered independence. 

describing child care on the Gold Coast
Child Care - There's so much more than meets the eye

Just imagine walking into a room where everything is GIANT sized.  That before you were able to get anything done, you needed to navigate how to climb a chair or reach up over your head to get to the resources you need. Imagine trying to reach into the middle of the table that is so enormous you need to boost yourself up on a chair … that is how our children feel every day.  So before they are able to sit and enjoy their dinner they are trying to work out how to get on the chair, to reach up to their place, to hold a fork or spoon – all GIANT sized compared to their little body and little hands.

By providing a space that caters to their size we reduce the work the children are doing by just trying to navigate the room and allow them to carry out tasks and enjoy activities being presented.

At Montessori Gold Coast at Mudgeeraba Montessori and Reedy Creek Child Care our focus is on providing the children with the opportunities to build on their innate desire to explore the world around them, to investigate and understand what things are and how they work.  We work to provide the children the world at a scale they can interact with in a meaningful way.

Mary-Anne Hossack

Application for enrolments are being accepted now. Visit or to inquire about a place for your child.

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