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New Rooms Means Limited Vacancies Now Available

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Quality Montessori child care and Kindergarten is now available in a boutique styled centre. This small and dedicated service situated between Reedy Creek and Robina will deliver to the Montessori method. Using genuine equipment within a prepared environment by a well qualified and experienced team of educators and carers.

Our Montessori childcare and kindergarten is unique in its profound respect for a child's sincere desire and ability to learn, and in its recognition of his need for independence. A balanced attention to intellectual, physical and emotional development is regarded as fundamental to their progress and enjoyment in learning.

Reedy Creek Child Care Robina Child Care
You Want The Best For Your Child?

Genuine Montessori?

Elements of Montessori is not the same as a well prepared Montessori offering.

Montessori Child Care Gold Coast
La Petite Montessori Child Care Centre

A Child-Centered Environment: The focus of activity in the Montessori setting is on children’s learning this is achieved through the prepared environment - activities designed and suited to the children. Children are engaged individually or in small, self-selected work groups. There will be very few whole group lessons.

A Responsive Prepared Environment: Our environment is designed to meet the needs, interests, abilities, and development of the children each class. The environment is adapted with this community of children in mind, rapidly modifying the selection of educational materials available, the physical layout, and the tone of the class to best fit the changing needs of the children.

A Focus on Individual Progress and Development: Each child progresses at their own pace within a Montessori environment. Children move on to the next step in each area of learning as they are ready. The educator makes observations and evaluations and uses this information to plan and prepare the activities offered to both meet and challenge the child's learning journey.

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