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Montessori Toddlers

Montessori Toddler classrooms are foremost designed to promote independence, concentration, and a sense of order.


Our "Beethoven Room"  is designed to give our younger toddlers the opportunity to work within a prepared environment where “me do it!” is our goal for the children.


The furniture is fit to the proper proportions for children to use (e.g., tables and chairs, shelves even the kitchen sink!). There is a place for everything, and everything has its place.


Young children, especially, need the reliability and consistency of knowing where materials are located, and where to find what they need. They build a cognitive map of the environment as a whole and the individual materials in particular, which guides their daily actions within the environment.


At Montessori Gold Coast our classroom environments are calm, simple, quiet, and safe, aid children in developing focus and sustained attention.


They are beautiful and encourage the child's exploration.

Montessori Difference

In our Beethoven Room, there is not an excess of decoration or hanging objects, as these only serve as a distraction.


There are a variety of activities that interest and challenge children.


The teachers carefully and frequently observe the children in order to decide when materials need to be removed, replaced, or extended upon.


Materials increase in challenge as children become older and more capable.


They need to meet the child's needs, which change with each developmental stage.


Less is more in a Montessori classroom because repetition leads to the development of focus.


As these skills are developed and more fully formed the child turns 2 and is invited to join the other 2 year olds in our Van Gogh room where we hone our practical life skills, continue to explore through our sensorial activities and of course toilet train!

Montessori Benefits

One of the greatest benefits of the Montessori Method, particularly during the early learning experience, is the focus on hands-on learning.


The emphasis is on concrete, rather than abstract learning, as toddlers work on activities that are focused on teaching them language and practical life lessons.


Teachers encourage students to concentrate on tasks independently from their friends until they have mastered the task.


For children aged 15 months this reduces the tensions between children not yet communicating vocally.


Children in this age are given the time and guidance to explore and work with activities that are suited to their developmental need and desire to do it for themselves.


Whether your child has been part of our community for a while or is only just joining us, the benefits of the Montessori method will become more apparent as your child continues through their educational journey.

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