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Montessori Kindergarten

Our Reedy Creek Montessori Kindergarten room is focused on building strong foundations for learning.


At Reedy Creek Kindergarten Gold Coast our qualified Early education teacher extends skills already developed as well as (or while) nurturing new learning and knowledge through practise, exploration and tactile activities.


Working within our Montessori Kindergarten means working within a program designed to prepare children for the rigors and expectations of BIG school in a nurturing environment.


Montessori materials are not the only things that we focus on.


We do etiquette and courtesy, gross motor and fine motor skills, music and art, geography and history lessons.


We work on all aspects of the child; "The Whole Child". Not just the academic material.

Montessori Difference

What’s the difference? Everyone is talking about letting children play to discover and learn. I agree BUT for quality outcomes the teacher needs to prepare the play in a way that engages and entices.


It’s not about opening a packaged toy and expecting quality outcomes, it’s not about fantasy play that confuses their reality but about play opportunities that build their grasp on reality and practical experience.


It’s about being provided with the opportunity to practise what mums and dads role model every day.


Our Kindergarten teacher works within the Montessori method so our students are prepared to take on the challenges of big school, not just academically but with confidence about the expectations of behavior and social work dynamics.

Montessori Ready For Big School

Any time with us is beneficial to your child/children. We work closely with our families to understand and plan for the needs of the children.


We are proud receivers of accolades from the local primary school who speak highly of our well-mannered and ready to learn, well prepared children.


So, if you are considering moving your child or you are relocating from interstate/overseas, we assure you that our service is an investment in your child’s education, not an overpriced baby-sitting service.


We understand that parents are busy, that time is valuable and convenience is a high motivator when making decisions.


Our service is worth the change for your child.  Changing to us is not too difficult and we will support you and your family with visits to ensure it’s as comfortable as possible for everyone involved.

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