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2-3 Year Old Room


The class environment is prepared so that the Children are free to explore and receive lessons from each activity.  With a mixture of ages in the class, children experience the freedom of learning at their own pace, rather than one that has been pre-determined as appropriate for their chronological age. Leadership skills develop naturally.


The Montessori method provides an enriching hands-on learning experience with specially formulated Montessori materials for math, language, sensorial exploration, practical life activities, art, science, and geography.  

Our Toddler program offers a curriculum that emerges from each child's unique skills and interests. Based on daily observations, teachers introduce new materials and activities that pique curiosity and stimulate learning.

With a focus on grace and courtesy we encourage each child to explore their abilities - we aim to help them do it for themselves by giving the child the time to complete each task to his satisfaction providing guidance via demonstration and role modelling.

Using the Montessori method we deliver more than the expectations of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).


  • Children Are Shown Respect. Respect is the foundation of the Montessori Method. The teacher looks to provide opportunities for the child to attempt the tasks that are challenging and achievable based on her abilities.

  • Kids Have Absorbent Minds. The young mind is ready and eager to learn. Like a sponge children are capable of absorbing information in a way that is exclusive to this period of their life.

  • Sensitive Periods are about understanding when the child is ready for new challenges because they've met the key developmental milestones.

  • Kids Learn Best in a Prepared Environment - the environment must be beautiful, motivating and engaging. Children must be tempted and curious about what is being offered.


Our Reedy Creek Montessori Child Care program delivers to  the Early Years Learning Framework and the teachers within the room are experienced and qualified therefore bringing the highest quality of education and care to your child.


Your child is given lots of opportunity to refine his/her motor skill and to build up strength.

Your child will enjoy running, jumping, hopping, climbing, pushing, pulling, balancing and carrying.


Young children’s brain development enables them to learn how to perform tasks simply by watching others. Your child will be particularly interested in imitating the activities they regularly see you involved in around the home.


Young children are not made to sit in a chair for long periods of time. The strong connection between movement and learning supports both physical and intellectual growth and is fully supported within our Montessori classrooms.

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